As a foreign country/university, how can we improve our bilateral relations with Turkish Universities (Student and Academic Staff Exchanges, Mutual Research Linkages, Academic Visits)?


  • Signing Cooperation Protocols or/and dual/joint degree program protocols,
  • Exchange students and academic staff through Mevlana Exchange Program,
  • Establishing task forces,
  • Gathering rectors of partner countries to discuss cooperation opportunities,
  • Visiting Council of Higher Education or Turkish Universities with a delegation.




Are Diploma Supplement and Diploma Supplement Label same?


Diploma Supplement and Diploma Supplement Label are different from each other. They require different applications. It is necessary that a higher education institution apply to the European Commission via National Agency for Diploma Supplement Label. Higher education institutions have to receive approval from the Council of Higher Education (CoHE) to give their graduates Diploma Supplement in such levels as short cycle, first cycle, second cycle and third cycle. Such Diploma Supplement samples are examined in the CoHE in terms of content and format, related university is given feedback of the evaluation.


Please click on: CoHE Resolution of General Assembly dated 2005





I graduated from Turkey and have recognition problem abroad. How can I solve this problem?


You need to contact with the ENIC/NARIC centre of the related country.


Please click on: ENIC/NARIC Centre (





I graduated from a foreign university and have recognition problem in Turkey. How can I solve this problem?


You need to contact with Equivalency Unit of the Council of Higher Education. You can use the link below for necessary documents.


Please click on: Equivalency Unit (





How can our university apply to European University Association (EUA) for membership?


The institutions attempting to apply to EUA for membership are required to explain the situation sending an official document to the Council of Higher Education (CoHE) for support letter. Within this letter, it is of great importance that information of a contact person is described, which ensures a fast procedure. A support letter is written by the CoHE to EUA for membership of the university and sent to EUA as necessary information concerning the process is provided to the university. Afterwards, such universities complete their application process having contact with EUA directly.





How does the application procedure work for the instructors who will be assigned to work in the Turcology professorship chairs of universities or in the Turkish Cultural Centers/Yunus Emre Foundation in the presence of our representatives in foreign countries?


The exam for the instructors who will be assigned is done by the inter-ministerial joint culture commission. In order to be able to plan the assignment of the successful personnel, permission should be taken from their universities and they are also expected to pass the interview process successfully.





In regard to the 7/e article of Academic Assessment in Higher Education and Quality Improvement Regulation, CoHE is able to give "Quality Assessment Registration Certificate" for a period of time to independent institutions, organisations and councils such as; MÜDEK,FEDEK,TEPDAD in order to undertake the activities related with external evaluation and accreditation, in the national, educational and training level considering higher education institutes. What kind of a process these institutions should follow in order to get the mentioned document ?


In the framework of Academic Assessment and Quality Improvement Regulation in higher education, considering the national quality assurance system envisaged in Turkey, while the institutional quality assurance is essential, it has been regarded as significiant to ensure the quality assurance according to the standards in educational and training programs which are related with the Turkey's Higher Education Qualifications Framework (TYYÇ) at national level and also to ensure the external evaluation and accreditation activities at program level.


These kind of applications can be usually done during the process which is started by the initiative of the council of deans in higher education institutes at the basic fields of TYYÇ. These institutions, as a legal entity, should have constituted their standards related with TYYÇ that CoHE has put into practice in 2010 and also with the " Guide for European Quality Assurance in Higher Education" accepted in 2005 by the Ministers of Higher Education who are in the member countries of the Bologna Process. These applications, by evaluating the documents prepared by the institutions, are resolved by the consent of CoHE and considering the opinion of Academic Assessment and Quality Improvement Committee in higher education. The "Quality Assessment Registration Certificate" is given which is valid for a specific period to institutions in order to make them undertake the activities for external evaluation and accreditation in regard to their own field of study.





What are the main reasons for international students to study in Turkey?


  • Accessing to higher education easily,
  • Inexpensive life and education compared to Europe,
  • Job opportunities during education,
  • Scholarship Opportunities (Türkiye Scholarship, Tübitak Scholarship..),
  • Benefitting from General Health Insurance,
  • Approximately 5 thousand international students are supported by Turkish Government to study in Turkey through "Türkiye Scholarships".




What is Türkiye Scholarships? How can I apply?


"Türkiye Scholarships", funded by the Turkish Government, is a scholarship given to international higher education students for studying in Turkey. For more information, please visit website.





I want to study in Turkey. Where can I get the general information about studying in Turkey?


You can reach all information about being a student in Turkey from our official web site prepared for international students.





Can I work in Turkey after my graduation / while I am studying?


Students graduated from Turkish universities can work in Turkey on condition that they get work permit. You can get work permit from related consulates by learning legal procedures about your country and field.


Moreover, associate and undergraduate degree students can work up to 24 hours per week during their education providing that they finish their first academic year.





Is my diploma that I get from Turkish universities valid in European Union countries?


Since Turkey is a part of European Higher Education Area, diplomas taken from Turkish Universities are recognized in European Union countries.





What is Mevlana Exchange Program?


Mevlana Exchange Programme is a programme which aims the exchange of students and academic staff between the Turkish higher education institutions and higher education institutions of other countries. With the regulation published in August 23, 2011 (num: 28034), students and academic staff exchange between Turkish higher education institutions and higher education institutions of other countries has been possible. Different from other exchange programmes, Mevlana Exchange Programme includes all higher education institutions in the world regardless of their region.


For more information;





Can I benefit from General Health Insurance?


All international students can take the advantage of General Health Insurance coverage in Turkey. If you have the General Health Insurance, you can use all state hospitals without a fee and also private hospitals paying a moderate fee. For benefiting from the General Health Insurance System in Turkey, you should firstly go to the International Student Office to get information. Then you should go to the Social Security Institution with necessary documents to apply it personally. When you complete your application, you will pay your general health insurance fee which is determined on an annual basis within 1 month from the date of Social Security records.


If you don't apply for general health insurance system within the given time period (in 3 months), you cannot benefit from the general health insurance services of the State. But, you can use your international health insurance if you have one or you can get private health insurance in Turkey. Some universities may also offer special insurance policy for their international students.