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Alternative Exams From CoHE for the Equivalence Process (13.04.2017)

Equivalence procedures of the associate degree, bechalor degree and master degree diplomas received from the HEIs abroad are carried out by the CoHE in accordance with the provisions of...

Objective Structured Clinical and Practice Exam (20.02.2017)

Information about the Objective Structured Clinical and Practice Exam which will be conducted by Hacettepe University, Faculty of Medicine on March 31, 2017, will be available at ...

Applications for 2017 Placement Exam are Extended (06 February 2017)

Spring semester applications for 2017 Placement Exams made by Gazi University in the name of CoHE were announced to be held between 23.01.2017 and 02.03.2017. Due to the applicants who could not...

Announcement about Tracking the Status of Diploma Equivalences for Turkish Citizens through e-Government Portal

Tracking the status of diploma equivalences for Turkish citizens is now available via the e-Government Portal.   Current status of the applicants who applied for the diploma...

Announcement about the Applications for 2017 Placement Exam (STS)

Application link for the Placement Examination (STS) to be conducted by Gazi University (Continuing Education Application and Research Centre) can be accessed at